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We are highly sensitive to the costs of litigation.  As such, we do not engage in routine discovery and motion practice.  Our experience allows us to focus clearly on the issues and tailor a strategy for the requirements of the individual case.  Our approach is cost effective and result oriented.  We promote all forms of alternative dispute resolution in order to obtain timely and cost effective resolution of claims. While always sensitive to the costs of litigation and the bottom line effect on our clients, there are situations where litigation remains the only alternative.  We are justifiably proud of our litigation record, and have participated at trial in federal and state courts across the United States.  In addition to our trial court practice, our attorneys have successfully handled matters before arbitration panels, Federal Boards of Contract Appeals, and other administrative forums.

Risk Management

It has been our experience that the employment of strong risk management techniques can help reduce risk and exposure for claims and disputes. Our approach goes beyond reviewing key contract clauses. Based on our decades of experience in handling claims on behalf of design professionals of all sizes and disciplines, we advise clients on pitfalls to avoid in all phases of their operations, from their internal practices to their construction management services. Our attorneys will recommend strategies to deploy in order to avoid claims and reduce potential liability. When potential claims do arise, we assist in developing a plan to minimize exposure and bring an early resolution to the dispute.
Often times, these services are offered in conjunction with professional liability insurance carriers, who bring invaluable insight and experience in assisting to resolve potential claims. Our weekly interaction with every major professional liability carrier in the northeast region provides for a tremendous advantage in gaining an early start on disputes and potential claims.


Byrne & O’Neill assists clients of all sizes and disciplines in establishing a business entity that suits their individual needs. These services include establishing business entities for start-up companies looking for advice on what type of entity to form to established companies seeking to gain a national presence by becoming authorized to practice their discipline in states across the country.


Our attorneys draft, review and negotiate design and construction contracts, and counsel design professionals on their rights, obligations and responsibilities under these contracts. The wide range of projects on which we have consulted through the years and our wealth of litigation experience in the construction arena provides us with the unique ability to craft contracts that minimize risk and prevent problems for our clients. Our contract review experience includes standardized industry form agreements, complex private owner agreements and public agreements for projects throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to design and construction agreements, we also draft, review and negotiate partnership agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, copyright assignments and termination agreements.

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